About Us


Marketing Strategy

   Domestic Market

So far as a domestic market is concern, it is subjected to direct marketing. Our sales executives are used to visit various potential destinations to survey the market, procure orders and even monitor the position of the products supplied so as to avoid grievances, rather to increase credibility and confidence among the existing customers which naturally attract the market, thereby increasing our clientele. We also participate in various urological conferences and workshop to display and demonstrate our products.

   International Market

As far as the international market is concern we approach the hospital and practitioners of the various parts of the world by introducing our equipment through different sources including web portals and medical publications.

Research & Development

Our research and development team is constantly engaged to develop various equipments to prove them as a boom to the patients and that the doctors too can find them reliable. They do scrutiny of the modern developments in the world and are always eager to make parallel efforts to ensure that our products are comparable to the same product of the other companies moving in the international market. Our R&D efforts give fair touch to the existing product and bring forth the ultra modern products. Our intra-corporeal pneumatic lithotriptor, litho-med digital, uroflowmetry and even urological disposables are the result of the keen efforts of our R&D team .


We are always conscious to provide quality products. We give best consideration to the inherent quality of each product including its sophistication and efficacy. This is only the reason that we could stand before the competitive market.

Financial Implications

The company has its own finance managed by the senior finance executive with the consultation of the auditors of the company. All the financial affairs relating to the purchases and expenses are balanced in such a way that we are in a position to go smoothly and meet our targets.

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