Our Products

Intra Corporeal Pneumatic Lithotriptor
  LITHO-MED Digital
  LITHO-MED Semi-Digital
Uroflowmetry Accessories
  Sensor(Load cell)
  Micturition Chair
Endoscopic Accessories
  Cystoscopic Accessories
  Cystoscopic Sheath
  Single Channel Cystoscope Bridge
  Double Channel Cystoscope Bridge
  Litho Bridge
  Optical Biopsy Forceps
  Stone Crushing Forceps
  Mauermayer Stone Punch with optchurator
  Male Urethral Dialator Set
  Female Urethral Dialator Set
  PCNL Accessories
  Alkyne Metal Dialator Set
Resectoscopic Accessories
  Optical Urethrotome Sheath
  TURP Loop
  Otis Uretheretomy
Endoscopic Forceps
  URS Forceps
  URS Alligator Forceps
  URS Tripronge Forceps
  URS Bipronge Forceps
  PCNL Forceps
  P C N L Alligator Forceps
  P C N L Peanut Forceps
  P C N L Tripronge Forceps
  P C N L U Handle Tripronge Forceps
  P C N L Bipronge Forceps
  Biopsy Forceps
  Flexible Biopsy Forceps(Cup Biopsy)
  Stent Removing Forceps
  Stent Removing Forceps
  Stent Removing Forceps(Single Jaw Movement)
Urological Disposables
  Double 'J' Stents
  Urateral Catheter
  P C N Catheter
  Malecot Catheter/Suprapubic Catheter
  Stone Retrieval Basket(Segura)
  Stone Retrieval Basket(Helical)
  Nitinol Stone Retrieval Basket
  Zero Tip Nitinol Stone Retrieval Basket
  Endopyelotomy Stent
Laproscopic Instruments
  Trocars & Reducers
  Needle Holder
  Clip Applicators
  Bipolac Graspers

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