Uroflowmetry method is used to detect the deficiency in urinary track of human body through the device named as uroflowmetry. In fact the urinary track deficiency can be detected through the complaint of the patient through discussion, but uroflowmetry device provides the well measured detection. It is mention-worthy that this detection is obtained by quite non invasive method.The patient,therefore feels comfortable during the micturation process and as such a very natural and accurate report is revealed.

ARK MEDITECH SYSTEMS has developed a weight based uroflowmetry system,Model URO-010 which gives accurate data as well as graphic representation of the urine flow.

The following parameters are reflected by the Uroflowmetry test

-> Voided volume (ml)

-> Maximum flow rate (ml/s)

-> Average flow rate (ml/s)

-> Voiding time (sec)

-> Flow time (sec)

-> Time to maximum flow (sec)

-> Hesitancy (sec)

URO-010 provided by ARK MEDITECH SYSTEMS is world class unit, comparable to that of any system brought forth by other parallel manufacturer in the world.

The system provides most accurate data and the company has tried to make it quite cost effective. The system is provided with followings

-> Control unit modem

-> Printer

-> Micturition chair

-> Beaker

-> Load cell

-> Power cord

Features :-

-> The most admirable feature of URO-010 is that it has the auto calibration and the user is not required to calibrate the system.

-> The system is also easy to operate, can be operated by non-paramedical staff with little training, smoothly.

-> The graph is generated on A4 size paper and there is no requirement of thermal paper.

-> We can obtain the graph in 10ml/div as well as 5ml/div scale.

-> In case the voiding time of the patient is more than 50 sec, the graph is automatically compressed.

Technical Specification


Input Voltage range : 210-240 V A. C., 50 Hz,

Rated Current : 0.6 A

Power Consumption : 30 W

Temperature : 5-40 degree centigrade

Sensor : 0.5 ml weight system

Uroflowmetry Accessories

Sensor(Load cell)

Micturition Chair

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