New Device for irrigation of fluid.

Uropump is specially designed to fullfill the expectation and needs of Urologist's, for continuous irrigation during Ureteroscopy, due to better visualization, ureteroscopy becomes safe. Introduction of URS through the ureteric meatus becomes easy and vision remains clear all throughout with the help of Uropump.In Uropump flow can be changed from 10ml./min. to 400 ml/min.

Uropump is useful in following endoscopic surgeries.

1.Controlled irrigation during Ureteroscopy (flexible and Semi rigid).

-> Ensure clear vision during ureteroscopy.

-> Opens intramural portion by causing hydrostatic dilatation leading to easy passage of URS.

-> Flow can be reduced to prevent migration once the stone is visualised.

2.During Optical Internal Urethrotomy

-> To Keep Vision clear while cutting long dense stricture.

-> Useful in core through Urethrotomy.

3.Whitaker test

-> Exact amount of inflow can be adjusted.

Advantages of Uropump.

1. Flow can be increased and decreased as per need.

2. Pressure/Volume adjustment displayed on front panel.

3. User Friendly.

4. Powder coated body - Minimum maintainance.

The Uropump has an electronic display panel that is calibrated to the flow rate of the irrigated fluid.

Electronics Display panel reading Acurate flow rate (ml./mn.)
20 90 ml.
40 180 ml.
60 300 ml.

Technical Specification : -

(1) Dimension : 270mm x 300mm x 90mm

(2) Rotar : 70mm x 160mm x 150mm

(3) Weight : 8 KG

(4) Power Supply : 50Hz-230v (+-10)

(5) Accessories : Any dializer Aretreal Tubing.

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